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Asbestos Disposal

Don't risk the liability to your company and health of your employees through exposure to airborne particles of asbestos.

Biohazard, Medical Waste & Sharps Waste Disposal

If you are operating a medical facility, it is important to have a trustworthy company handling your waste disposal.

Clarifier Waste Water

A clarifier simply provides a non-turbulent zone where heavier than liquid solids, suspended by turbulence, are given...

Emergency Spill Response

Starlite Reclamation stands ready to respond to any emergency request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff is trained to determine the safest and most efficient manner in which to handle your emergency environmental needs.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

There are a large category of wastes that have been considered hazardous waste by the state and federal law. For your own safety and awareness we have listed the most common examples of hazardous waste being stored. For Farmers : Pesticides, fungicide, herbicides are all considered hazardous waste once past their expiration date. Finishes, varnish, paint thinner, furniture polish considered hazardous. So when your done using the product and/or the product has gone past its expiration date and you are noticing you have a large quantity of trash from that product, it may be time to call!

Hazmat Supplies

A variety of supply's are needed to complete a variety of jobs within our industry, The key factor is containment and safety. The right drum for the right job can make all the difference in the world. Acids? No problem, Poly drums covered.Bulk poly-carbons? Steel Drums for oil containment.Starlite Reclamation has all the supplies needed for industrial Haz and non-Haz waste clean-up.

Lab Packing

Starlite Reclamation can handle a wide variety of lab packs. With Onsite and Technical understanding of chemical compounds we are your best bet for a safe, reliable and swift service. What is a Lab-Pack? A lab pack is where there are a wide variety of house hold chemicals. We at Starlite, we collect all the chemicals, separate them by reaction type and then place them inside one of our 55g Poly drums and filled with absorbent so that in the event of a chemical leakage. the container is contained, cannot mix with other chemicals and is being absorbed.

Paint Disposal

Most paint has four components: resin, solvent, pigment and additives. To determine the hazardous ingredients...

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Starlite is qualified to handle any pharmaceutical waste. From medication compounds and ingredients to acids, mercury and other harmful chemicals used in the process of making pharmaceuticals. We will inspect every material and chemical compounds, take inventory of all the items and then come back with a concise plan as to how we would process and transport all these chemical.

Pressure Washing with Water Recovery

Let us pressure wash your parking lot, buildings or industrial equipment with your choice of hot or cold water.

Product Destruction

Let us pressure wash your parking lot, buildings or industrial equipment with your choice of hot or cold water.

Soil Remediation

We employ numerous methods in dealing with soil contamination.

Tank Cleaning

Starlite Reclamation Environmental Services is capable of handling all types of tank cleaning.

Transportation / Hauling

Bulk solids and liquids. We can transport just about any non-hazardous waste product for you. With our new industry standard equipment and trucks no job should be to complicated for Starlite. With all trucks inspected daily, you can count on our team to be safe and consistent with our work. Fully qualified, technically trained employee's are ready for the job.

Vacuum Truck Pumping

In industrial ore public works environments, it’s often difficult to find partners who can...